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The Opportunities of an expat

The quality of life that you have as an expat depends very much on your attitude towards your new reality. Maybe you have been forced to leave your country because of economic or safety conditions, you may have left because of a job transfer or maybe you left your country searching for a better life. It may happen that you need to start from zero with absolutely nothing, maybe you are with your family or completely alone. In any case, your new situation is full of opportunities and every change in our lives will always come with plenty of learnings.

Sometimes, it’s possible that we don’t see the opportunities in front of us. Sadness, fear or homesickness sometimes act as a mask that doesn’t allows us to see what we have at hand. Even our beliefs could be stopping us. For instance, to believe that we’re unable to adapt to our new situation, to believe that we won’t be able to follow new cultural rules, to believe that we won’t be able to find a job or to believe that we will never be able to communicate in a new language.

Think about the opportunities that you have: meeting new people, meeting a new culture, meeting new places, trying a new job, learning new languages, expanding your circle of friends, learning new skills, sports or hobbies, and so many others.

You decide what you want for your life and what to do with your new reality. You have two options: to stand still or to take actions and take advantage of the opportunities in front of you. You can check your attitude and your belief system. It’s also possible to change your point of view about what’s happening around you, a good way to do this is by thinking about the worst scenario that could come from your decision and of course, to think about the best scenario that could happen.

I suggest you ask yourself these questions: What is the worst thing that could happen if you don’t do anything? What is the worst thing that could happen if you decide to take action? What is the best thing that could happen if you decide to take action and to take advantage of the new opportunities? To answer these questions, I suggest you create visualizations that allow you to imagine the different scenarios.

Once you take the decision and take action, you may find some difficulties or obstacles that will make you doubt, weaken you and take your strengths away. In this case, I invite you to remember your life purpose. Remember why you are here and what goals you want to achieve. To achieve what you want demands some sacrifices from you but I assure you that there will be great rewards at the end of your journey.



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